April in Paris – a picnic on the Promenade Plantée

The long weekend begins chilly and grey but Saturday morning brings blue skies.  First stop is Rue Cler with its enticing food shops, to buy a picnic. We take a trip on the scenic Metro line 4 that swoops across  the city in a great curve from west to east, revealing on its way   the Eiffel Tower and the Seine in sharp focus.



Our goal is the  Promenade Plantée, the planted garden on the old Bastille – Vincennes railway line, a 4.7km walkway running from the city centre to the outskirts, much of it above street level.


So we get off at Bel Air and find our way onto the promenade at Rue de Picpus close by the junction with Rue Lamblardíe. We picnic in a small  garden in front of what used to be the station at Reuilly – saucisson sec, pate, cheese and the sweetest tomatoes accompanied by a bottle of Côtes de Rhone. To follow, the most exquisite French strawberries. As we walk into town, passing over the lovely and busy Jardin de Reuilly, full of families and children enjoying a spring Saturday, there’s time to admire the cherry blossom of the trees that line the walkway.

Photos: Liz Cousins


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