Photo above: Piazza Maggiore, Bologna


Footloose? Spirit of adventure? No longer in the first flush of youth? Silverstreaker is the  blog for you.

Let me explain. My name is Martin Yarnit and I’m always planning the next trip,  even while the washing from the last one is still  drying. I like familiar places and new places. I’m not allergic to my fellow travellers but I prefer the company of locals, somewhere off the beaten track. Eating and drinking are a big part of travel for me. Finding new places for an aperitif or a picnic, collecting  recipes and discovering little known food and drink producers are all part of the charm of travel – as you will know from my Bologna blog (tasteforbologna.blogspot.com).

So I’m MC but you could be a local guide too, sharing your favourite places with fellow enthusiasts. And, who knows, if it takes off, you could become more than a virtual guide,  shepherding real  visitors around Bradford, Bologna or Bogota.

I’ve started the ball rolling but you can send in reviews, stories, recommendations, photos. Nothing salacious or hyper-critical. It’s not part of our mission to run people out of business. And keep it brief. Silverstreakers are busy people: planning, packing and filing their photos.


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